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Warped, the Florida-based maestros of medium-bodied magic, are stepping into new territory with the reincarnation of the 1880 Cuban brand, Nicotina. This addition to their lineup is a departure from their usual medium-bodied offerings, promising aficionados a full-bodied experience.

Now, let's talk about the appearance of this enticing creation. Picture a cigar that's not just attractive but downright Bambi brown, with subtle black streaks adding a touch of canine sophistication – Brindle, to be precise. The entire stick is bathed in an oily sheen, and when it comes to construction, it's a solid masterpiece with an even fill. Veins, though visible, play their part in enhancing the façade. The minimal box press adds a hint of uniqueness, with curved corners and edges that make a statement. And don't miss the flat top of the cap – a lovely subtle extra that catches the eye. The cigar band itself is a work of art, featuring a black and white color scheme and a captivating etching of Kyle Gellis during his reign as the Emperor of Rome.

Now, let's indulge the senses with a whiff. The aromas are a delightful dance of floral and milk chocolate – a winning combo that sets the stage. But that's not all; the olfactory adventure includes notes of salted caramel, fresh vanilla bean, a hint of lemon tartness, almond nuttiness, cedar, malt, and a sprinkle of white pepper.

The cold draw is like a preview of the flavor symphony to come – heavy malt, black pepper, salted caramel, milk chocolate, cedar, nuttiness, café latte, and a velvety layer of creaminess.

And here's a testament to craftsmanship – for a cigar professionally packed, the draw is faultless. The PerfecDraw draw adjustment tool can take a break in its hyperbaric chamber; this cigar knows how to deliver a flawless draw.

Get ready for a journey with Warped's Nicotina – it's not just a cigar; it's a revival of history and flavor waiting to unfold.

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