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Tabernacle Broadleaf David Perfecto $16.99 each

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Behold the Tabernacle by Foundation Cigar Company, a cigar that takes the term "super premium" to a whole new level. This exquisite smoke features a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper and a blend of some of Nicaragua's finest filler and binder tobaccos, creating a symphony of flavors that pays homage to founder Nicholas Melillo's roots in the Connecticut River Valley and his expertise with the best artisanal tobacco from Nicaragua.

Crafted at AJ Fernandez's factory in Esteli, Nicaragua, this cigar is a testament to Nick's relentless pursuit of quality tobacco. The blend boasts San Andreas Mexican binders and fillers sourced from the Jamastran Valley in Honduras, as well as the Esteli and Jalapa Valleys in Nicaragua. It's a harmonious fusion of flavors that dance on the palate.

Now, let's talk about the Tabernacle box – it's not just a container; it's a canvas that tells the cigar's intriguing story. The artwork showcases none other than Haile Selassie, the 225th King of Abyssinia, whose lineage traces directly to King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. The reference to "tabernacle" is a nod to being a container for the Ark of the Covenant, adding a layer of historical and cultural richness to the smoking experience.

In every puff of the Tabernacle, you're not just enjoying a cigar; you're savoring a blend that transcends time and borders. It's a journey through the Connecticut River Valley to the heart of Nicaragua, with a touch of royalty and history. Cheers to the artistry of Foundation Cigar Company and the flavorful voyage of the Tabernacle

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