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Tatuaje T110 Capa Especial $20.00 each

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The T110 Capa Especial bursts onto the scene like a flavor fiesta – think peanut butter, creamy goodness, and a savory party that's so quick and mysterious, I can't keep up. It's throwing daffodils and white pepper into the mix, playing hide-and-seek with my taste buds. This cigar is like the Houdini of flavors – now you see them, now you don't!

At first, it's medium-full, just like the other T110s I've tried. One cigar is all about that peanut butter swagger, while the others decide to share the limelight with a combo of bread doing a cha-cha over chocolate sweetness. Creaminess joins the party, and there's a white pepper kick on the tongue, making it feel like a flavor dance-off. Oh, and don't forget the red pepper hanging around – it's like the party crasher that sticks around just to keep things interesting.

The finish is like a snack attack – Ritz crackers throwing a party over bread, creaminess, a hint of sweetness, and a sassy herbal bite. Retrohales take you on a trip down Country Time lemonade memory lane before hitting you with walnuts and meatiness – it's like a taste rollercoaster! The cigar is playing hard to get, with an intensity close to full, a body that's medium-full, and strength that's strutting its stuff at medium-full too. Construction gets a gold star, but the burn is breaking speed records – an inch in less than 30 minutes! I don't know if it's the cigar or if I've accidentally stumbled upon a fast-food drive-thru lane.

So, buckle up, flavor adventurers! The T110 Capa Especial is here to take you on a wild ride of taste, leaving you wondering, "Did that just happen?" Spoiler alert: it did, and it was deliciously hilarious!

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