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Henry Clay Warhawk Churchill $20.00 each

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Well, buckle up, my fellow aficionados, because this cigar is like the Swiss Army knife of smokes! Whether you're a mild-mannered puffer or a full-bodied adventurer, this stogie's got you covered. It's so consistent in flavor that even the taste buds are giving it a high-five, so much so this cigar placed at No10 cigar of the year 2020. 

Picture this: you, a comfy chair, and this cigar that's as mild as a kitten with a hint of swagger. It's so versatile; you could enjoy it with your morning coffee, your afternoon iced coffee (with or without cream – we're not judging), or even as a nightcap with some Scotch or Cognac. Heck, throw in a Light Pilsner Beer, and you've got yourself a party! And let's not forget the rebel pairings like Root beer and Lemonade – this cigar stands tall, no matter the beverage backdrop.

In a world full of choices, this cigar is the cool, easygoing friend who can hang out with anyone, anytime. So, grab your favorite drink, kick back, and let this cigar take you on a flavorful joyride. Cheers to the good times!

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