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Making wise choices is an art, and Foundation Cigar Co. founder Nick Melillo seems to have aced it, especially when it comes to his love for premium cigars and possibly Scrabble (though that's just a hunch). Enter "Gueguense Maduro," where the name alone suggests a passion for words – Spanish for "The Wise Man," pronounced like "way-when-say." But let's not get bogged down with pronunciation; let's dive into the tobacco tale.

This cigar wears a toothy crown, showcasing a San Andres Mexican Maduro wrapper that Nick Melillo chose with a specific mission – to elevate complexity to a whole new level. And boy, does he succeed! Ignite The Wise Man Maduro, and you'll be greeted with bold notes of black pepper, smooth cocoa, and robust coffee. If you're a fan of decadent maduros, this one's a must-try.

The Wise Man Maduro doesn't just impress taste buds; it's earned its stripes with a remarkable 95-point rating and the title of the #3 Cigar of 2018. The critics sing its praises, noting, "It’s a flavorful blend that oscillates between the sweet and the savory. Cocoa and vanilla notes, for example, play off the tobacco’s meaty, beef-stock qualities, all integrated by an ever-present earthiness." In other words, it's not just a cigar; it's a symphony of flavors dancing on your palate, proving that wisdom truly lies in the hands of The Wise Man Maduro.

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